Donor Spotlight

Donors come in a variety of forms and make work at SFBFS possible. From students to seniors to companies with a big heart, we encourage you to check out one of SFBFS’ featured donors every month.

Durst Organic Growers - October 2014

Untitled-1Durst Organic Growers have been growing and distributing produce for over 30 years. Their fourth-generation farm is located in Hungry Hollow at the mouth of the Capay Valley. Customers and produce lovers are familiar with the Durst family name because of the quality of the produce they grow. In addition to growing quality produce, the team at Durst Organic Growers is true stewards of the earth who believe that successful farming requires a delicate care of plants, but more importantly successful care of the soil.

It isn’t enough for the team at Durst Organic Growers to maintain their beautiful farm, employ an incredible, friendly and helpful staff and distribute high-quality produce. They also maintain an active role in their community by sharing food, talents and resources with the Capay Valley area and beyond. As owner Jim Durst insists, “Durst Organic Growers is not separate from the community; we are a part of it.” Their relationship with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) demonstrates that community commitment.

For more than five years Durst Organic Growers has partnered with SFBFS, providing food to those who need it most. In the past three months alone, Durst Organic Growers has donated over 54 tons of fresh produce, all of which has gone directly to feeding families in need. As to be expected, all of the produce donated is of high-quality standards. Heirloom tomatoes, summer fresh melons and sun ripened peppers are a few of the items commonly donated.

“All people have an inherited right to good food. We are graced with abundance; not to hoard but to share. There is plenty to go around as long as we only take what we need and no more, no hoarding. All people need access to healthy nutritious food, not just the wealthy. By giving to organizations like SFBFS, we believe our food is delivered to those who need it. If fulfills our mission, which is to share, and maybe it will stimulate others to share as well,” said Jim.

SFBFS’ work would not be possible without support from the community. As an organization, our staff, volunteers and clients are grateful and fortunate to receive the support other organizations, like Durst Organic Growers. Their generosity is a great example that together we can support families on their journey to self-sufficiency.

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