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Teens in the Computer Clubhouse create music.


Volunteers provide tutoring assistance to children in After School Academy.

Youth Education 

Youth Education serves children ages 1-18. Three different components provide youth with educational assistance, enrichment activities and cutting edge technology at no cost. For a printable flyer about the Youth Education program, please click here.   

After School Academy

  • Homework Assistance - Small group support to youth 1-6 grade. Priority is given to students scoring far below basic on their report card.
  • Tutoring - One-on-one tutoring for teens in grade 7-12 once a week for at least 1 ½ hours. Student must submit Tutor Request Form and report card.
  • Enrichment Activities - a variety of monthly activities are offered to youth in grades 1-12. Activities such as cooking, gardening, yoga and arts.
  • Community Service - Opportunities to complete community service hours for youth in grades 4-12.  Youth meet with staff to set schedule.
  • College & Career Guidance- Guidance is given to youth/teen in exploring different careers and motivating youth to pursue higher education through workshops, college tours and professional speakers. Assistance with college applications, scholarships and financial aid. 

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Computer Clubhouse 

  • Making! @ Clubhouses - Making! @ Clubhouses Initiative. Create projects using found objects, sewing material, electronic components for projects in fashion, textiles, vinyl and paper. 4-12 grades. See an informational flyer here.
  • Adobe Youth Voices & Photography - Learn photography, video filming and editing, storytelling and script writing.
  • Programming, Robotics, Web and Graphic DesignLearn to code, program microcontrollers and robotics, design 3D images, posters and newsletters using Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Audio Production - Produce beats, play an instrument, sing karaoke or just remix original songs.
  • Teen Summit - Build technological skills and awareness, strengthening leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Girl Empowerment Movement (GEM) - Girls focus on activities, plan for guest speakers, events and to discuss issues.

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Playcare Academy

This service is available for children ages 1-5 of parents who are enrolled in Adult Education or Parent Education. Volunteers and staff prepare youngsters for preschool and kindergarten and encourage parental involvement though a co-operative system. This portion of Youth Education is not open enrollment, but a service available to parents who are on-site in Adult Education or Parent Education.

SFBFS is a Preschool Bridging Model site with the Sacramento County Office of Education

  • If you are interested in volunteering for the Youth Education program, click here.